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Defend Our Democracy

Doug Ford wants to silence his critics by any means necessary. 

Just one day after a judge ruled key parts of the anti-democratic Bill 254 to be unconstitutional, Ford is trying to rig the next election by recalling the legislature and overriding the constitution. It’s an attack on our democracy that sets a dangerous precedent. We cannot let this happen.

Bill 254 is an attack on free speech and puts strict limits on anyone speaking out against the government for a full year before the election. It would prevent families from holding Ford accountable for the disaster in long-term care, silence parents and educators who urged him to make classrooms safer, and muzzle workers demanding paid sick days.

Now Ford plans to use the notwithstanding clause to override the courts and ram through his plans. This has never before been used in Ontario’s history. It’s a nuclear option for extreme circumstances, but Doug Ford’s Conservatives are using it to shut down criticism and change the rules for the next election in their favour. It was never meant to be used for this. 

As Ontarians struggle to recover from a devastating pandemic, we’re seeing what Doug Ford’s real priorities are – clinging to power and silencing his critics. 

We’re ready to mobilize and protect our democracy against Doug Ford’s power grab. Are you with us?

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